"Dog Food"
dir. Brian Crano

a Netflix Original Documentary Series

"Ferrell Takes the Field"
an HBO Comedy Special

LG "It's All Possible"
dir. Brian McGinn

Dry The River "New Ceremony"
dir. Raúl B Fernández

"Starry Eyes"
dir. Dennis Widmyer + Kevin Kolsch

"Lust for Love"
dir. Anton King


Netflix “Chef’s Table” / Season 2

Valentine’s Day

HBO “Ferrell Takes The Field”

Netflix “Chef’s Table” / Season 1

Dry The River “New Ceremony”

Lust for Love

Lexus “Dad’Chelor Party”

Chevy “Engage The Unknown”

?uestlove + Guitar Center

Funny or Die “You’re So Hot: Vol. 3″

Hazing with the Cast of ‘Neighbors’

LG “It’s All Possible” Recap

Icewater “I Know That Dream”

LG “It’s All Possible” Launch

Garfunkel & Oates “Weed Card”

Patrick Stump ft. Lupe Fiasco “This City”

Everclear “Be Careful What You Ask For”

CollegeHumor “Nice Try IHOP”

CollegeHumor “Batman Can’t Stop Thinking About Sex”

BiC Razor “Come Alone”

BiC Razor “Boom”

BiC Razor “Showdown”

American Express “Seed Store”

American Express “Cute Attack”

Doritos “Take It Cheesy”

Doritos “Prom Night”

Stone Temple Pilots “Cinnamon”

Dev “In My Trunk”

TJ Miller “Now We’re Partying”

United Gold “Carousel”

TJ Miller “Underpassed”

Your Father Would Be Proud

Machinima “Weapon Wars”

Commercial + Music Video Reel

Long-Form, Narrative Reel